Abof Free Shopping Trick: Shop Unlimited For Free at Abof

Do you guys getting Free Recharges and Cashback from our recently posted Offers? I hope so. Today, we have found an exclusive trick that will let you Buy Free Products, Clothes from Abof for free. Yes, you heard right. You can purchase Clothes or your favorite products from Abof for free. We found this awesome trick so decided to post here so that you guys can be benefited from this Loot.


This trick is posted First On Net on Alllootoffers. With this trick, you can get Products from Abof worth Rs 1000+ OR Unlimited until you do the trick. You may also get extra Cashback from this trick which is a plus point. This trick is 100% working and tested by Alllootoffers Team.

In this trick, we have to create accounts on Cashback sites and apps to make sure that we get our cash back more than what we pay for it. :p

We wrote simple Steps for this trick so that you feel comfortable while trying it.

Before starting, you need to learn about what we are going to do here.


Before We Get Start

  1. You need a working Internet Connection. :p
  2. At least one Mobile Phone. (Two will be better)
  3. Parallel Space App. (Download Here)
  4. Ola App OR Ola Money App.
  5. Doboz App. (Optional)

NOTE: This Trick is For Educational Purpose Only. Try at Your Own Risk.

What Are We Going To Do?

  1. First, We will Create Account on Abof.com
  2. After that, Create Account on CouponDunia.
  3. Now, Create Account on OLA OR OLA Money App.
  4. And Create Account on Doboz.
  5. Buy the eGift Card.
  6. Purchase Our Products and Get the Cashback.
  7. Transfer the Cashback To Bank Account.
  8. That’s All, we are going to do.

We have divided steps into parts for better understanding. If you face problem in any Step then comment below. We will be happy to solve it. 🙂

Steps To Buy Products From Abof For Free


1) First of All, Visit Abof from here and Create an Account. (Must to Get Rs 200)

2) Verify Your Email and Mobile Number to get Rs 200 on Sign up.

3) Now visit Refer & Earn Page and Copy Your Referral Link.

4) Change your IP Address by turning off the Data and turning it On again.

5) Now Open Chrome Incognito Window and paste your referral link.

6) Create an another account on Abof using your Referral link and verify your Mobile Number.

7) You will get Rs 200 in your new account.

8) Note Down that which account is first and which one is second somewhere.


9) Now visit CouponDuniya from here and create a new account. (You will get Instant 50 Points)

10) Verify your Email account and visit the Refer and Earn Page.

11) Copy your referral link, Change IP Address, open Chrome Incognito window and open your referral link.

12) Create a new account with different details and verify it.

13) Now Both of your accounts have 50 points each.

14) Again, Note Down that which account is first and which one is second somewhere.


15) Download OLA App and use this Code to create an account: 5VMQ6M You will get Rs 50 Coupon for free.

16) Now use Parallel Space App OR Any Other Phone to make 2 more accounts by self-refer.

17) If you don’t want to Download OLA App then Download OLA Money App and create 3 accounts.

NOTE: – Create at least 2 accounts. But Three will be better for more benefit.


18) Now visit Doboz website.

19) Create three accounts using different details.

20) Now open first Doboz account and search for Abof.com Coupon.

21) Select the Rs 250 Gift Voucher at Doboz. (You will get Rs 5 Off and 5 Reward Points)

22) Now proceed to payment and Pay Rs 245 using 1st OLA Money Account.

23) You will get Rs 49 Cashback in Your OLA Money Account.

24) Transfer this Rs 49 to your second OLA Account. (If cashback is not instant then wait for 24 hours OR write a mail to ola, they will add the cash back in 24 hours)

25) Now open another Doboz account and select Rs 250 Abof.com eGift Card.

26) Pay using your Second OLA Money Account. This time your have to pay only Rs 196 as you already have Rs 49 (245-49=196).

27) You will get Rs 49 again in your second account.

28) That’s it for now. But if you want more benefit then transfer your Rs 49 to third OLA Money account.

29) Now open your third Doboz and buy Rs 250 Abof.com eGV from your third OLA Money Account. This time your have to pay Rs 196 and you will get Rs 49 Cashback in your OLA money account.

30) Now to transfer your 3rd account’s Rs 49, just add Rs 56 to account because minimum Bank Redemption is Rs 100 with Rs 5 service tax.

So, If you buy two eGV then you paid Rs 245  + 147 + 5 = Rs 397 and

If you buy three eGV then you paid Rs 245 + 196 + 147 + 5 = Rs 593.

40) Now open your Doboz wallets and get the Gift Card Code and Pin.

41) Now add all three OR two gift cards in your Second Abof.com Account. [MUST]

NOTE:- Add those Gift Cards in Your Second Abof Account not in the first account.

42) Now you have Rs 200+250+250+250=Rs 950 in your Abof account if you added three eGV else if you added two eGV then you will have Rs 200+250+250=Rs 700.


43) Now clear cookies of your browser OR open Incognito Window.

44) Open your second CouponDuniya account and search for abof.com

45) Select any offer and open the link from their link. [IMPORTANT]

NOTE:- You must have to Open the Abof.com Link From CouponDuniya to get the Cashback

46) Now login to your Second Abof account in which you added the Gift Cards.

47) Now add Products to your cart and make your cart value at least Rs 700 OR more. [IMPORTANT]

NOTE: – If you added three eGV than make your cart value more than Rs 950.

Don’t worry about shipping, because shipping will be free after Rs 700 or more.

48) Now Just place your Order and pay using your gift card balance. If your cart value exceeds the gift card balance then pay the rest money using Debit Card/Credit Card/Net banking.

49) Now check your Second CouponDuniya account. There you will see a Cashback of up to Rs 210. You can but shop more using CouponDuniya links to get more Cashback.

Once you have Rs 250 confirmed CashBack, you will get extra Rs 50. So total = Rs 300 Cashback.

50) After getting the Cashback, simply transfer it to your bank account.

51) Now clear cookies and open your first CouponDuniya account. There you will see Rs 250 Cashback. So transfer it to your bank account.

52) It’s time to check your first Abof.com Account. After some days of shipping of your products, you will get Rs 300 in your first Abof account. So Now you have Rs 200+300= Rs 500 in your first Abof account.

Use that balance to shop more on Abof.

So guys, here the trick completed.

This trick is working and tested by Team Alllootoffers.

If you still have any problems regarding this trick, then simply ask in the comment. We will be happy to help you. 🙂

You can use this trick Unlimited times but make sure to clear your Browser cookies and change your IP Address every time when you access your second account.

I hope you like this Trick and get benefit from it.

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