How Is Internet Served To You

So what do you think airtel vodoafone idea jio and many other telecom companies do you think they made internet i mean they send their own personal satelites to space for internet services . if you do think so you are absolutely wrong. 

Here we will learn than actually where does it comes from . For this you need to understand what exactly is Tier1 , Tier 2 , Tier 3

tier explaied

Tier 1  is the only ISP which is real owner of internet they are big companies which send there satelites to space and provie internet services to other small ISP’s that is tier 2. Tier 1 would have covered a big are like a country or even many countries they only use to handle all kind of wired installation unders sea’s oceans rivers and all across globe.

Some guys do think inernet is something they surf but actually it is a network to connect number of devices together to form a network named internet.

These tier 1 companies use to spend their own money millions to have internet connection in a particular country or area.

And they give their services to tier 2 companies like vodafone idea bsnl jio and all other telecome operators of fixed rate lets suppose they give 20RS per GB to any telecome operator than the telecome operator will give the same inernet to  all other tier 3 networks or even directly to its users at much higher price to make some profit like Rs100 per GB .

Tier 3 are the small ISP’swhich takes internet from tier 2 ISP’s and than serve to their user making some profit in between. some tier 3 companies are swiftmail , timble and many others.

Some tier 1 companies you can consider are

  1. NIT Communications
  2. Orange (Open Transist)
  3. Sprint
  4. Tata Communications

tier 1 ISP

I hope you would have understood tier 1 , tier 2 and tier 3 ISP’s.

If you still have any questions let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading the article.

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