Mark Zukerberg Comment on Snapchat CEO “snapchat is only for rich people not poor countries like India”

Facebook has might have copied Snapchat’s most popular feature aka Stories and applied it across products, but that clearly doesn’t mean Zuckerberg has any plans of stopping. At the F8 developer conference, Facebook has showcased how it views augmented reality as the next big thing, and want to make that available across platforms, especially the camera. Now this is nothing new, given Snapchat’s camera has had AR-style lenses for sometime.

But Zuckerberg in a recent interview with TechCrunch also took a slight jab at Snapchat saying the innovation they were doing was for everyone, and not for the ‘high end’ audience. For those who have been living under a rock, Snapchat and its CEO Evan Spiegel are currently facing the heat from angry Indians thanks to report which said that back in 2015, the Snapchat CEO dismissed India as a poor market.

According to a TechCrunch report, Zuckerberg had this to say, “I think one thing that people probably don’t think about as much as we do is innovation to serve everyone in the community, not just the high end, right? So we focus on a lot of things like Facebook Lite. It’s up to 200 million people in like a year.” The timing of the statement makes it kind of hard to miss.

Snapchat has seen its App Store ratings take a nosedive to one star after the comments of Spiegel came to light. The comment became public after documents from a lawsuit against Snapchat were made public. The lawsuit is filed by an ex-employee, who was fired in three weeks by the company; the ex-employee Anthony Pompliano has alleged Snapchat fudged user data and lied to advertisers.

Spiegel is said to claimed the app was only for rich people, and that he wasn’t interested in poor countries like India and Spain. Snapchat for its part has denied that Spiegel ever made this comment, and said it was ‘grateful’ for its India users.

Interestingly Zuckerberg also spoke about the perception that Facebook was copying Snapchat too much, and said he wasn’t worried about the criticism. He also claimed the way Facebook was looking at AR from a more mainstream perspective, and how they will build a mainstream platform.

At the F8 conference, Facebook has made it clear that Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two platforms it will take more seriously. AR will make its way to the Facebook Camera in more ways, already the new camera supports Filters, etc, but Facebook wants to take this up a notch with animation, live effects.

The company will have a “Camera Effects Platform”, which will give developers tools to create effects for the camera on Facebook. It will also be adding effects to Live video. Given Facebook has close to 1.8 billion users, a revamped camera app with augmented reality features will only boost usage for the social network, and could further endanger Snapchat’s future.

SAN FRANCISCO: In an apparent reaction to Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel’s purported disinterest in expanding business to “poor countries” like India, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook is for everyone and not just for “the high end”.

In a subtle jab at Spiegel, Zuckerberg told TechCrunch on the sidelines of the annual Facebook F8 developer conference in San Jose on Tuesday: “I think one thing that people probably don’t think about as much as we do is innovation to serve everyone ..

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